Sterling Heights Community Federal Credit Union is extremely proud of our vast history. In June of 1952, the UAW Local 247 of Thompson Products organized Thompson Product Employee’s Federal Credit Union under Charter #7927. At the time, we served employees of Thompson Products and Experimental Department located in Detroit Michigan. During this period, only union employees and their immediate families were eligible to join.

During this period, there was not a formal office so a select few union officers and credit union employees would make rounds collecting transactions in the plant. With increase of membership, it became necessary to have an office for members to conduct transactions called Plant Protection. Plant Protection was a small room located in the back with one window for credit union transactions during shift changes.

In 1958, the plant changed names from Thompson Products Michigan Division to Thompson Ramo Woolridge Incorporation, thus the name TRW Inc. emerged, and the Credit Union became TRW Michigan Employees Federal Credit Union.

When we look back over the years, many things have changed. We began with a few simple services and have expanded to offer many different types of loans and savings accounts. What hasn’t changed is our $5.00 membership requirement which allows a member to become an official shareowner who has a voting voice in how the credit union is run.

Many years has changed our look, location and personnel, but our dedicated staff and service is still the same.

Our future depends on our members, the Board of Directors and staff would like to thank all past and present members for their loyalty. We are looking forward to serving you for another 60 years with the same quality of service and respect.

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